First RPG Gamemastered – #RPGaDAY 2014, Day 2

The second day of the #RPGaDAY effort is about “First RPG Gamemastered.” After yesterday’s post, I’ll give you one guess which RPG was my first attempt at being a game master…

Dungeons and Dragons. Shocking, I know.

JamesBondRPGHonestly I don’t remember much about those early attempts at dungeon mastering in junior high. It wasn’t until much later that I recall getting into the GM seat regularly. I vaguely recall running some games of the James Bond 007 role-playing game from Victory Games across the street with my friends Jeff and Greg, but that’s about it. We played in their kitchen. 🙂

When I started college I was on the computer science floor in Green Hall at Colorado State University. We had a wide variety of geeks of all shapes and sizes. And I fell into a TON of games. Battletech/MechWarrior, D&D, Call of Cthulhu, TOON, Car Wars, Cyberpunk 2020, Werewolf, Vampire and I’m sure several others I can’t remember. We had a great group of folks and gamed whenever and wherever we could, didn’t we Kevin? 🙂

But when my off-campus roommate Sean and I discovered the Palladium Fantasy Role-playing game (1st edition), we played it to death along with its modern setting counterpart Ninjas and Superspies. And one of my favorite GM memories was of a game of N&S I ran with Sean and Pat (our favorite Palladium Fantasy GM). It was a marathon session – I think it went for 12 hours. But the big part of the session was a car chase that went for maybe 4 hours. Who knew you could have so much fun rolling dice and running down imaginary streets shooting at imaginary foes?

525-Ninjas-and-Superspies-RPGSince having kids I’ve not been on the back side of the GM screen that often, but I hope to change that eventually. 🙂

So there you have it… Some of these will be longer than others, but I’m having a great time exploring some of these memories I haven’t dug up in YEARS!

Be sure to join in the fun!

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1 thought on “First RPG Gamemastered – #RPGaDAY 2014, Day 2”

  1. I don’t remember much about it, but the gaming group I was with in Junior High convinced me to run a one-shot of TSR’s (I think) Marvel Superheroes RPG. I don’t remember much about that first session, but recall I was pretty nervous about running the show.

    My how I’ve changed since then. 🙂

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