Favorite RPG of All Time – #RPGaDay, Day 31

I’ve once again fallen way behind on the #RPGaDay effort, so am just going to happily write about the last topic in the list. I do have to thank  Dave Chapman of Autocratik for starting this fantastic project. I’ve seen great articles across the web all month and it’s been amazing. So hopefully we can do something similar next year. 🙂

My knee-jerk reaction to the question of my favorite RPG of all time would have to be Dungeons & Dragons. Why? Because it was first. Without it, there would be no other RPGs for me. (See my #RPGaDay Day 1 post!)

But when I look at it more deeply it comes down to whatever system I happen to be playing at the game table with friends. It’s that simple.

Regardless of whether I’ve known those friends for years or only for a few minutes, the commonalities of the gaming experience somehow manages to trump any of our differences. Age and gender definitely don’t matter. I don’t care about your skin color or sexual preferences. And unless you’re a cannibal looking to eat my real world flesh, I don’t care about any dietary concerns either.

That’s the beauty of gaming. I’m there to have a good time. I’ve done that playing serious games. I’ve done that playing light-hearted games. And I’ve even done it playing tactical games, though I prefer story to strategy most of the time.

The goal for playing any game is to have fun. Sure, there are serious games like war games and I’m sure some chess or poker players would disagree. But when the game becomes about something else for me, I usually lose interest.

So if you’re at my table or I’m at yours, let’s have fun playing whatever it is we’ve set out to play.

Thanks again Dave for this great idea and let’s do something next year!

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