Favorite RPG never get to play – #RPGaDAY 2014, Day 6

So for #RPGaDay on day 6, I get to talk about my favorite RPG I never get to play. And it’s kind of like Pringles – I can’t pick just one. You get two. 🙂

steve-jackson-toonFirst, there’s TOON. I have only played this game twice. Ever. The first time was in college when we had bizarre characters like the mad scientist who could pull body parts out of his pockets to assemble his own minions. All I can tell you is that we laughed. A lot. Every time we thought we’d reached a crescendo of madness, we’d crank it up again.

I did play recently with my daughters, but it wasn’t quite as much fun as the first time. Somehow I suspect that we were just a wee bit more insane in college than they are at ages 9 and 13. I think I am ok with that. 🙂

Second, there’s FATE. I have purchased Spirit of the Century and the Dresden Files RPG. I have played SotC twice with a group down here in Colorado Springs (hi Justin, Angela, and everybody!). I had a great time but barely scratched the surface. I played a bit of Dresden at a Free RPG Day or some other local event, and it was fun.

sotc_cover_full Dresden_Files_RPG_Your_Story

It’s my kind of game where the emphasis is on shared storytelling and more roleplaying than “roll” playing. Even if you fail, the scene continues and you get to describe how that failure happened.

In both cases, I suspect that in both cases I may be looking through rose-colored glasses, not seeing the downsides of these games and systems. But that doesn’t change my mind. 🙂

What are YOUR favorite games that you never get to play?

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1 thought on “Favorite RPG never get to play – #RPGaDAY 2014, Day 6”

  1. I have a long list of RPGs I want to try out. It’s both pretty impressive and daunting.

    I also have a long list of RPGs I would like to play more of because I don’t get to play them enough, but really, that list is long because I’m not playing any RPGs at the moment. I can’t seem to carve out the time in my schedule for it at the moment.

    So leading the charge on rpgs that I never gotten to play:
    Dragon Age, Mutants and Masterminds, Eclipse Phase and some of the Old World of Darkness games (Wraith, Mage, and Werewolf in particular)

    Leading the charge on the old school games that I never got to play is Toon. Was always curious.

    If I had my druthers at the moment though, I would be involved in three styles of games at the moment: a fantasy game, a cyberpunk game, and a space opera game.

    That list changes a lot depending on my mood. 🙂

    As Fitz well knows … I seek games that have a lot of story crunch. I seem to have found that easiest to do by being a GM. Shrug. Just need lots more free time and a group of players to hook up with.

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