Favorite Published Adventure – #RPGaDay, Day 19

I’ve fallen way behind on the #RPGaDay effort, so I’m going to cherry pick today and talk about my “Favorite Published Adventure” because the story is a little odd.

toee-coverMy favorite adventure has to be the Temple of Elemental Evil put out by TSR way back when. Mid-1980s I think (looks like 1985). But I didn’t encounter it until about 1990.

The funny part was that I didn’t encounter it playing D&D. I ran through parts of the adventure playing Palladium Fantasy with GM Pat and my roommate Sean Bindel (whose name may sound familiar to those of you familiar with Moebius’ past). I had not played Palladium Fantasy previously but quickly fell in love with the crunchy system more focused on skills than classes. I played a wizard and Sean played a ranger of some sort. And we irreverently trampled through the countryside on adventures built for easily twice as many characters and somehow muddled through for a good long while.

I couldn’t tell you much about the module itself other than the fact that we nearly died inside several times. I think we did a few excursions into the temple before we died on a lonely mountain pass, fodder for a violent wolfen. But we had a blast working through room after room, dreading whatever would be behind the next door.

Pat was one of my favorite GMs from college. He was a bit odd, but had a gift for describing the scene more vividly than any other GM I’ve had. He was known to use drugs from time to time (Sean babysat him on an acid trip or two I think) and I believe that enhanced his storytelling abilities somehow. DON’T DO DRUGS, KIDS! Definitely an odd bird, but a nice guy.

Much later on I remember playing the computer game based on the module (very buggy initially but was patched many years later and made more stable, but still nigh impossible to beat). And just over the last year or so as Wizards of the Coast has been re-releasing classic books and modules as PDFs I picked up a copy through DriveThruRPG. Maybe someday I will sit down and read about all the things that nearly killed my wizard Rilamus more than 20 years ago. 🙂

So what’s your favorite published adventure and why? Rilamus wants to know! 🙂

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