Favorite Game System – #RPGaDay, Day 18

Hard to believe we’re already on day 18 and heading into “favorites” territory for the #RPGaDay effort this month. Today is “Favorite Game System” and I know many folks who are hung up on game systems. I am not one of them.

Players Handbook

A game system equates to not just a set of rules, but the setting and any supplements associated with it. A few of my favorites include D&D (all editions), Palladium Fantasy 1st Edition, Call of CthulhuTOON, Ninjas and Superspies, and that’s about it. I’ve also played GURPSHEROVampire the MasqueradeBattletechMechWarrior, and quite a few others. But quite honestly it’s always less about the system and more about the people and story.

Things such as the “Edition Wars” for D&D have never made much sense to me. Play what you want. Steal story ideas and setting from wherever you want. Just play. Nothing good lasts forever, so you can’t expect a single system to go unchanged for 30 years. I can’t imagine that Gary Gygax would have let things stagnate in D&D for 30 years without making some changes, but I also don’t think he’d have been upset that people were taking some of his ideas and adapting them as far and wide as they’ve gone. Just a guess. But I would hope he’d be happy with the proliferation of the hobby he enjoyed so very much.

I tell me girls all the time that the only thing they can control on the soccer field is themselves. Don’t worry about what’s going on around you as much. Don’t play down to the level of your teammates or the opposition. Play the best you can with the people you have around you and the situation as it is – not as you wish it to be.

Quite honestly I think RPGs should be that way.

The goal is to have fun. It is a game after all. Each GM should do the best he or she can with what they have available. Each player should do the same. If the ultimate goal is for everybody to have fun and tell good stories, then system doesn’t matter as much. It’s what you do with it that does.

So ultimately I guess D&D is my favorite system because it was my first. But honestly I don’t think it matters. 🙂


As an aside, I’m hoping to get back to doing some writing and releasing of products soon. We had a soccer tournament this past weekend (6 games over three days in 85 degree sun) and a soccer tournament the weekend before (3 games over 3 days, driving 2 hours one way each day). Next weekend won’t be so bad with only 4 games, then we return to a semblance of normalcy with 2 in weekends that follow… So HOPEFULLY I’ll get some writing done and won’t looked like a baked lobster. 🙂

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