Favorite character – #RPGaDay, Day 8

Now on day 8, we’re diving into murky waters for the #RPGaDay effort this month. Favorite character is a tough decision and I’ll narrow it down to three.

First, there was my Palladium Fantasy character… a wizard named Rilamus. He was a smartass who once called a god “Squid Face” and that may in fact have contributed to his demise with his friend (I wish I could remember the character name) on the top of a mountain at the hands of a wolfen. I believe we were disemboweled. It was not pretty.

The second character was a Malkavian vampre in Vampire the Masquerade. I don’t remember his name either, but he had a book of rules to the game of life that he was constantly trying to write in. Whenever a particularly difficult decision would arise, he would pull out the book and figure out which “rule” applied. It made for some very crazy choices and a blast of a character to play.

And the most recent was an escaped slave rogue character who transcended two different game systems… HERO and D&D 3.5e. Didius Cato or “DC” as he was known had some control issues. I would roll randomly (alternating “even” for yes or “odd” for no, or sometimes with a DC “DC” to roll above or below on a d20) to determine which of two different decisions he would make. He kind of combined the first two characters for me, doing crazy things like “am I going to jump into the shadows that are being cast on the ground by nothing at all?” YES!

As you might notice, I tend to add a bit of randomness and snarky behavior to my characters. It introduces a fun angle for me to roleplay while also encouraging me to DO something. Sometimes I get into a mode where I just sit letting other PCs take the lead. And it’s good to shake that up occasionally. 🙂

What about you? What are some of your favorite characters?

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