Exploring the Future’s Past, Part 2

In the last post, we talked a bit about the “alternate future” that led to the formation of the Dominion, the dominant organization in the world of Aliens & Asteroids. Run by a collection of the most powerful corporations in human-controlled space, it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

But the Dominion, though immense, is not all powerful, and a few independent groups have remained operating on the fringes. The Dominion keeps a close eye on organizations such as Free Planets Now (FPN) and the Colonial News Network (CONN). And groups such as the Seekers, an outgrowth of SETI seeking alien contact, and the Excursori, a loose federation of prospectors operating as a secret society, are thought of as a nuisance more than anything else.

By the middle of the 22nd century, the Dominion had control of most of the inner system. Mercury was mined by a joint project between Cydyne and Taylortech using android and robotic resources. Luna and Mars continued to grow, as did the shipyards and asteroid mining operations between them. And scientific colonies had been established either in-orbit or on-planet near Titan, Europa, and Io.

We Are Not Alone

Along the way, we discovered that the Grey Men that were rumored to exist as far back as the 20th century actually did exist and had been managing a covert war against the human race even back to the 19th century. A dying race of aliens from unknown origins, the Grey Men seem determined to kidnap humans for the purposes of harvesting viable genetic material to keep their species from dying out entirely.

Eventually we found ways to see through their cloaking technologies and even adapt some of their tech for ourselves, but they continue to be a nuisance across Dominion space and we seem no closer to discovering where they are based.

Travel Beyond Our Solar System

In 2193, the Australian-led corporation of Bondi-Andisse announced the discovery of a method of establishing stable wormholes for the purposes of instantaneous travel across interstellar distances. They called these gates “Bondi-Andisse- Navigational-Corridor-Exits” or “B.A.N.C.E” gates for short. In the presentation, members of the Colonial News Network mistakenly heard it as “BOUNCE” gates and reported it Dominion-wide. Though there is some debate as to what happened to the first two BANCE facilities built in the outer system, BANCE-3 and BANCE-4 were announced in that initial press conference to the system.

We had sent a few ships to Proxima Centauri in the mid-2100s which established a colony on Proxima Centauri b, but it had fallen on hard times being as distant from the rest of the Dominion as it was (4.2 light years). There were rumors of revolt and a bloody civil war among the colonists, but contact was eventually re-established despite any political instability.

Those early explorers established contact with a strange race of aliens. The Gollus were a big surprise when we found them slowly drifting through space in their gigantic ships. They may look like big, slow, sacs of floating gases, but they always seem ready to make a few credits. Of course, we didn’t realize until much later that they were strip mining the universe to find the goods they sold and marching out of the quadrant we were heading into.

They had plenty to give us for a price. Raw materials. Technology. Information. Without them, the BANCE Corporation would not have been able to expand as quickly as they have.

Worlds Beyond…

The Sol Gate (Bance-3) was built in a distant Neptune orbit (at the L3 Sun-Neptune point) and BANCE-4 was established in a similar location (at the L3 Proxima Centauri-b point). It took nearly 5 years and a combined force of Cydyne androids, scientists, and engineers to get everything working, but they were able to send the first ship from system to system on April 16, 2193, and announced it to the Dominion news a week later.

In the 35 years after BANCE-3 and BANCE-4 became operational, two more BANCE Gates have come online:

  • Gliese 832 (16 Light Years) (BANCE-5)
  • HD 85512 (36 Light Years) (BANCE-7)
  • Trappist-1 (39.5 Light Years) (BANCE-11)

In the midst of all the BANCE activity, the Skaali Conflict began. We discovered the Skaali squatting on Venus in 2216 and they destroyed an envoy on May 6 of that year. Over the next 5 years, nearly 12,000 men and women gave their lives in battle after battle. And then, suddenly on February 19, 2221, all Skaali attacks stopped and Dominion forces received the message “Enough.”

Shortly after, a permanent orbital station – DV-3a – was established near Venus. A few messages have been exchanged since then, but both sides have avoided escalating to open violence ever since.

Present Day

It is now 2229 and the Dominion of Humankind has spread from Sol System to Proxima Centauri, Gliese 832, HD 85512, and Trappist-1. We have minimal contact with the Skaali, continue to deal with the threat of the Grey Men, and hope to learn more from the Gollus before they disappear to the other edge of the universe.

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