Entering the Crypt (a 31 Days of Halloween follow-up)

(Inspired by the crypt on the ground floor map in the Heroic Maps’ product Haunted Mansion)

[Portion of the transcript of an interview with Marcus Grevit, property owner of the old Duvard property. He reported an attack by an unknown assailant while exploring his new purchase and came to the police station to report the incident.]

Crypt-smallAs I stepped to the crypt’s entry, I paused a moment to offer a few words to its inhabitants. I was sure to explain that I meant no disrespect by disturbing them, but was merely seeking to explore all the corners of the land I had just purchased at auction. The house and grounds had been under lock and key for years as incident after incident plagued it again and again. The last event occurred more than a decade ago, but I have been careful to document everything so far and the crypt was the last place to explore.

But it was a fantastic buy and I couldn’t pass it up. Even if I took a loss on the place, I could probably turn it over to the local historical society or have some development company turn it into one heck of a haunted house – you know what I mean?

Anyway… a few leaves cluttered the entryway, but the small building was relatively clear of debris for being open to the elements for so long. I counted four large but fairly plain stone sarcophagi, two markers, and a slightly larger sarcophagus at the back featuring the relief of a broadsword of some sort. I took pictures of everything, especially anything with inscriptions, dates, or artistic carving.

The markers were intriguing, providing a detailed family tree of the Duvard clan – with the most recent occupant interred being David Duvard back a few decades. His wife Odette was also listed, but there was no record here of her death or what might have happened to her.

It was while I was investigating the more intricate relief of the sword on the top of the far box that I heard movement behind me. I turned to see a figure all in black approaching very slowly. Every inch of skin was covered, head to toe, in some sort of nylon or manufactured fabric. Even his eyes were covered, which seemed almost more odd than the way he moved or the fact that he was coming after me in the first place.

As I scrambled to get past him and back outside, he grabbed my arm with both hands and I was struck by how cold his hands were. It’s Fall outside, the middle of the day and probably mid 70s outside. It was a little cooler in the crypt out of the sun, but only by a few degrees. Even through whatever fabric he had all over, this man’s hands were bitter cold. If I wasn’t a rational man, I would almost have thought that the cold was leeching part of my life through my skin and into his hands.

Look here [he rolls up his sleeves] and you can see where every finger on each hand touched my skin. The paramedics wanted to know if I’d had liquid nitrogen or oxygen dripped on me or been playing with dry ice. I’m a real estate developer – why would I have that stuff? [Pictures show distinct hand and finger patterns across the skin of the man’s left arm.]

After that, I broke free and sprinted for the gate, where my car was parked. And I have to say I didn’t look back to see what the crazy man in black was doing after I left. I called 911 from inside my locked car and waited for you all to arrive.

I have to admit that back in October 2014 I wasn’t quite sure when I was going to get back to the Haunted Mansion’s crypt – but knew it needed to be explored. This year I’m working on my fiction skills, so wanted to use a little bit of Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves and the map itself to inspire me. When I rolled I got “Hearing (Sense)/Robber (Element)/Cold (Descriptor)” and the one thing that struck me was the “Cold” part – so I ran with that.

For the rest of the 31 Days of Halloween project, be sure to check here.

Should I keep going with our new Mr. Grevit on the scene and his potential problems with the Duvard mansion?

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