Draft 3.5 released to Playtesters last night…

Hi all…

Just thought I’d pass along that I released draft 3.5 of the Core Rules book to the small cadre of playtesters who had shown interest. I’ll be very curious to see the results of this pass and hopefully only need to make minor tweaks based on suggestions, but who knows. I’m open to change.

Also still hoping to get this final draft completed by the end of October with artwork and cover and get it to Lulu for publishing of the review copy before we release it into the wild. But I’m getting very excited that we’re this far in the process after only a few months.

The Moebius Adventures game has sat dormant long enough. It’s time to show the world how cool some of this stuff is and get it into the hands of people who will enjoy it!

Have a great weekend and I’ll post results of tonight’s playtest in Colorado Springs and other playtest/review comments as they come in.


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