Dominion Inequality in Cloning Practices is Creating Immortals Among Us

Greetings. This is Amira Thorn for the Colonial News Network, coming to you live from Proxima B, about 4.2 light years away from the seat of power for the Dominion of Humankind.¬†This signal may be cut, so my editors have ensured that we’ve used the most rigorous security practices possible to get our message out to you, our loyal audience across the quadrant.

A few months ago, I was sent to B to investigate a string of accusations of power abuses by the Dominion Elite. Though cloning has been a regular treatment for many injuries and ailments in the last 200 years, there have always been rumors of those with the credits gaining preferred treatment over the common human.

I’m here to tell you that those accusations are true and the issues run much deeper than the Elite of those corporations with seats on the Dominion Council.

If I work hard as a Dominion citizen, I am guaranteed free healthcare for life. If I get sick or hurt, I can travel to any of thousands of clinics across the civilized worlds and find treatment. When the Dominion was founded, every citizen was guaranteed education, employment, healthcare, food, and lodging, so long as they contributed to the bottom line. Work hard. Earn your keep and advancements if you prove you can do the job.

I’m happy to say that the last four generations of my family have benefited from being citizens in good standing. We have lived and thrived, working our way through the ranks in many industries such as energy, technology, and now the media. I do not dispute that we have all been granted good lives. But they could be better.

The issue comes when the rich and powerful gain perks that we do not.

I have found evidence that Dominion administrators who have had surgery to replace faulty organs have been given genetically enhanced replacements. Others have gone the route of biologically or genetically enhancing themselves via DNA splicing. And still others have gone the technological route, adding years to their lives through artificial means.

Can we sit by and let our leaders quietly establish fiefdoms and rule as nearly immortal lords over their various stretches of the universe? We must demand that these iniquities be brought into the light so we know who we are working for! We cannot allow ourselves to quietly become third class citizens simply because we have an expiration date!

Rise up!

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