Did you ever have one of those months…

Hey there…

Yes, Moebius Adventures is still alive. No, I haven’t faded into the great beyond with the Maker and the Mother. Well, maybe just a bit. It’s been one of those crazy things. Started a new job in June 2009 and have been running like a madman ever since.

Thankfully, I have a monthly D&D 3.5e game to look forward to this weekend. We’re playing one of the Pathfinder modules and it’s been interesting so far. Plus, a good friend of mine who recently moved here from California is joining us finally so I’m looking forward to gaming with him for the first time in about 20 years.

As for the Moebius Adventures system itself, I’ve still got a massive revamp to write up. Have some notes and will be looking for playtesters soon. If there are any takers, let me know. It’s a universal system, but I’ll be kicking it back off with a low fantasy adventure again.

After that, I just need to get my arse in gear and get writing, revamping, and testing.

So I hope all is well in the land of the living. I hope to join y’all soon. 🙂


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