Delays and Distractions

Though I had every intention of completing Insta-NPCs #10: Caveat Emptor this weekend, a few things conspired against me. It was my wife’s birthday on Friday and we had many events over the course of the last few days. I made a little headway on Saturday, but Sunday was a complete waste. As a result, I will have to postpone this for at least a week – possibly two. This next weekend is full of social obligations and soccer for my daughters, so I don’t see getting much accomplished on a soccer field either.

As such, I have begun wondering about some of the possible delays and distractions that might have possibly stopped a NPC entirely or be offered as an excuse.

Man failing to jump over a hurdle obstacle

d20 Reasons the NPC Was Delayed

  1. Imprisoned unfairly for a minor offense.
  2. The family pet escaped.
  3. A family member perished.
  4. Drank too much.
  5. Got lost on way to another engagement.
  6. Fell asleep reading a book.
  7. Fell prey to a touch of madness.
  8. Lost something still not found.
  9. Went for a walk.
  10. Was called away on business.
  11. Helping strangers see the sights.
  12. Had the appointment on the wrong calendar.
  13. Took a nap.
  14. Invited to a party.
  15. Lost track of time.
  16. Kidnapped.
  17. Held up in a robbery.
  18. Attacked by wild dogs.
  19. House caught on fire.
  20. Chasing a hallucination.

As an example… A quick d20 gives me #5, which I can turn into…

“As Lafa, your informant, stumbles into the tavern hours later than he agreed to meet, you can tell he’s not quite right. Wide-eyed he heads straight to your table and says in what is obviously a rehearsed speech – ‘Sorry fellas, I got lost on the way to my previous engagement and that slowed me down.’

You get him settled down with a few drinks over the next hour and he informs you that a rival group seeking the same rewards your team is after. The details are vague, but the threats of bodily harm Lafa endured were not…”

Hopefully I can get back to work next week and bang Caveat Emptor out by mid-August. Life just got in the way this weekend.

In the meantime, check out some of the other folks we detailed in the Medieval Market. Or look at the rest of the Insta-NPCs series for additional ideas!

Have a great week folks!

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