Deep Blue Seas

This month’s blog carnival from Enderra: Worldbuilding and Role-playing Games has really kicked a lot of things loose in my brain, so I thought I would share another entry for the February Carnival on the topic of Legends & Lore…

Instead of a lost research station, this time it’s a cautionary tale about using too much of a good thing.

A Cronisian Tale

One of the outer rings of the Stellar Graveyard contains a system with a frozen world near a tiny blue star with an abundance of good old H20. The Dominion, ever eager to find easily exploitable resources, was excited by the prospects of such a planet. But it wasn’t always frozen, or seemingly abandoned.

Any Dominion crew who arrives on the planet won’t know this but the planet, named Cronice by the scientific crew tasked with naming new systems and worlds, once had a gleaming blue ocean teeming with life. To put it in perspective, it would be as though the Great Barrier Reef of Earth in its heyday covered an entire world. The Cronisians were a technologically adept race capable of wonders on the verge of an expansive industrial age.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

To fuel their growing need for manufactured goods and raw material processing, they tapped into the molten core for heat and energy through geothermal means. Unfortunately their industrial boom took a toll on the ecosystem at a time when such a hit would be devastating to their survival as a species.

Their shrinking sun and an overtaxed planetary geothermal system led to massive environmental changes. To deal with a cooling world, they cranked up their heat, but it was overpowered by the lack of heat coming from their sun. As ocean temperatures plummeted, so did their ability to produce food.

Gradually, the crisis turned into a disaster and the Cronisians turned on one another trying to survive. The once great civilization dove back into barbarism, fighting over a few, isolated undersea deep oases on the ocean floor.

If any Cronisians survive, they have become tribal and paranoid about outsiders, hunted by any of the creatures still alive in the deep. Any technology that remains has fallen from science to magic, but they are still formidable opponents.

The RPG Blog Carnival

This is my second post for this month’s carnival… My first was The Lost Station of Ignis-9 about a volcanically active moon. This week we have a frozen world. Who knows what inspiration will bring me next? 🙂

For more about the carnival, be sure to check off the kick-off post and all the other follow-ups at Enderra! And for the RPG Blog Carnival Archive, be sure to take a look at the page maintained at Of Dice and Dragons!

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