Dealing with Damage in Mazes & Perils

As a Holy Knight fighting a crusade against the forces of Evil, you will both give and take damage. Some of that damage will heal quickly and other kinds will not. The trick will be determining when to retreat and lick your wounds so you can fight again another day.

(If you haven’t heard, the Holy Knight is a new class coming soon to Mazes & Perils that combines the ferocity of a Fighting Man with the faith of a Cleric. And woe be to their enemies on the battlefield, for they have the power of the gods behind them.)

medusa_clip_artSo what kinds of damage exist in Mazes & Perils for your characters to deal with?

Most of it is regular physical damage to a character’s hit points (HP). They represent the character’s physical being – flesh, muscle, and bone. At a certain point, the body simply cannot take more damage and will perish. Once a being reaches zero HP, it is declared dead. Sometimes those characters can be brought back to life, but usually if it’s a player character that means it’s time to roll up a new character.

Physical damage can be done through physical weapons such as swords, maces, and arrows. It can be done with fire, cold, electricity, and through magical means such as Magic Missiles or Lightning Bolts. It can also sometimes be done over multiple rounds such as with poison, fire, or acid.

Physical damage can be repaired through rest, magic potions, or divine healing.

Some damage is more insidious such as certain diseases which weaken a character over a long period of time.

Some damage is more permanent such as petrification (turning to stone). If you are turned to stone, that’s pretty much the end of that character except as a new addition to the creature’s statuary.

Certain creatures can also affect mortal flesh in unusual ways. Green Slime, if touched, will slowly turn the flesh of the affected creature into more Green Slime. Or a Mummy may affect a victim with the dreaded Mummy Rot, which slowly eats away at their living tissues. Both can be halted with Cure Disease if caught in time, but neither will be pleasant.

mummy1Other attacks are less permanent such as paralysis, which temporarily paralyzes your character rendering them unable to move. Some creatures (such as the Gelatinous Cube) not only paralyze their victims, but then devour them through physical damage while they are frozen.

As your Holy Knight gains in power and experience, more and more deadly creatures will come out of the woodwork to find them, so we encourage caution and restraint in dealing with them. But always have a steady supply of healing potions and a friendly Cleric on hand to help when the need arises and never discount the benefit of a good long rest away from the battlefield.

Good luck my friends. The battle awaits!

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