Day 8, A Bit More Research – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

After the events of the night before, we knew we were missing some rather large pieces of the puzzle as far as the story of the asylum goes. Who was Dr. Hugo Curry? What the heck was that carving? Why are there so many angry spirits in the hospital?

We got a few hours of sleep, checked on our injured intern (she would be released in another few hours if she continued to check clear of concussion symptoms), and then went to visit with retired nurse Tracy Bellewether. Now in her 80s, she was one of the few members of the original staff still alive, and she is a resident in a local retirement home.

donna anziana tristeBellewether turned out to be a spry old dame with a vivacious personality. She was happy to have us as visitors until we told them the reason for our visit. As soon as we mentioned the asylum, her demeanor changed. Her shoulders hunch, she avoids eye contact, and her hands go to her sides.

Our questions were simple. Below is a summary of the exchange…

FIrst, what could she tell us about the asylum.

“Well, we helped people. What else would we do there? The whole staff was dedicated to helping those poor souls. I gave 20 years of my life to that place and it left it’s mark on me, let me tell you.”

Then we asked about Dr. Curry and things got weird. She began sweating profusely as her eyes darted around the room.

“He was a great man. Don’t listen to any of those stories, you know the ones. He never did any of those horrible things they claim he did. He couldn’t have. He was such a nice man. A hard working man.”

And then we asked about the attic to see if she could shed any light on how it was organized or what went on there and she went ballistic. As they rolled her into a crash room, we were unceremoniously kicked out of the facility. We later learned that she went into cardiac arrest and her family was going to a local judge to get a restraint warrant against us.

Whatever had gone on within the walls of the operating hospital decades ago left its mark on more than the dead it seems. I really wanted to ask her about nurse Bamma Drett, but we never got the chance.

We had an audio recorder going the whole time we were talking with Bellewether and when our transcriber took the audio file she told us it had been warped somehow. And sure enough, when we listened we heard peals of hysterical laughter echoing across the entire interview. It was unusable.

Inside the Asylum, we had one more place to check for usable records of any kind on the 3rd floor. We would hit that the next night…


This time I was going less for the place and more for a person, so I pulled out Insta-NPCs #2: Quirks and Madness. I knew this older nurse was going to have a few interesting twitches…

  • the Quirks Have It table… #35 – Sweats Profusely.

Now that they’re headed for an upper floor, I’m curious what they’ll run into when they re-enter the hospital. But I know this much – the asylum us not being kind during the 31 Days of Halloween challenge…

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