Day 7, A Little Reconnaissance – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

It turned out that our intern had a severe concussion as well as a broken rib, so we ended up leaving her at the hospital. Our director from the van stayed with her, so our tech guy became our “man in the van” for the night. And we knew we needed to get a lot more information before we pissed any other spirits off by our nocturnal explorations.

We knew there was an office on the main floor with a locked desk and a cabinet. Based on our initial interviews, the cabinet had been found to house the director’s liquor collection, but we hoped there might be some files in the desk that might lead us to some insights into who or what was happening here.

evil-smile-491517In our haste the night before, we were simply concerned with getting our teammate to the hospital. But we’ve now seen two serious injuries and at least two events that defied explanation and we need more detail. I had a suspicion that the answers would only be found in the top floor. And heaven knows what we’ll find there.

As we entered the basement and climbed the stairs to the main floor, it was our intern who was on everybody’s mind – so we knew we needed to be a little more cautious.

The office on the main floor was tucked away on the south wall behind two locked doors; one from the hallway and one from the waiting room at the front of the building. Our tech guy was indisposed and the building was scheduled for demolition, so we decided to break in with a couple of pry bars. With a bit of elbow grease, it popped right open with a screech of breaking wood.

Once in the room, we saw the desk, cabinet, and an ornately carved fireplace along one wall. We attacked the desk, breaking open two locked drawers and finding nothing more than disintegrating file folders. But when our scientist raised his voice and said “hey, that’s weird”, we all stopped. He pointed at the fireplace with his flashlights and we noticed that the ornate wood carvings along the top were undulating. Yeah, I said undulating.

We later learned that the carving was made of zebra wood from Africa. The good Dr. Hugo Curry did some charity work helping a government deal with some of the local tribes. The carving was meant as an ironic parting gift, depicting the “treatment” of a group of people by a smaller group. They were shoved into tiny boxes and pushed over the edge of a cliff. Curry believed it was funny and fired any employee who openly disagreed with his interpretation.

Unfortunately we were watching this horrific scene unfold as the prisoners were pushed into the boxes and the boxes were shoved over the edge of the mantle. You could hear the shrieks of the falling souls as we watched, horrified.

It was only as we slowly backed out of the room, with no additional information, that we saw a large shadow in the corner smile like the Cheshire Cat and fade into the darkness. It must have been the good doctor, but why is he toying with us? Something malevolent was here, watching us work and enjoying our suffering.

I can only imagine what it was like as a patient here.

We decided it would be better to check on our friends at the hospital and spend our time researching whatever else we could find on the Internet and in the local archives before we came back again…


This time I used a different table from the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts :

  • Scary Basements/Furniture/Sight & Hearing/Moving & Shriek

The carving coming to life was a fun touch. And now we know the name of our villain in this story… I can hardly wait to learn more about Dr. Curry as we keep going during the 31 Days of Halloween challenge…


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