Day 6, The Sleeping Quarters – 31 Days of Halloween

We chased the intern up the stairs and found her deposited in a heap on the top landing. She was pretty badly banged up and unconscious but still breathing. We knew from the plans that this floor had several beds, so we decided to stop here and make sure she was ok to move back to the van before we left the building.

[Side note: Our team is made up of – Leader, Intern, Tailgunner (Camera), Tech, Audio guy, Scientist, and the Director in the van.]

506ae361d9127e30f600131c._w.540_h.247_s.fit_The scientist and the tech stayed behind with the intern to check her vitals and see what kind of damage we were looking at and the rest of us headed out to see if we could find whatever dragged the kid up here in the first place.

We set up several LED lights on the floor to illuminate the area, but all the extra lights did were cast even more shadows around the room. I swear I saw a couple of the shadows moving, but attributed it to just being spooked from the night’s events so far.

Three rooms we explored had the beds stacked along one wall. These were not comfortable even when they were new and now they look rotten. Evidence of several rat nests could be found in multiple corners. But it was the last room that was the surprise.

A nurse’s desk and chair looked like they’d been cleaned earlier today. Not a speck of dust. And the wall behind had a collection of framed certificates from well-known nursing programs across the country: Nurse Bamma Drett. The bed were all neatly made, with the covers tight enough you could bounce a quarter off them. But as soon as the light of our flashlights hit the back corner, the whole scene changed.

We were overwhelmed by the odor of decomposition and a dark figure rose carrying a switch. We watched, gasping for air, as the skeletal figure dragged itself towards us raising the switch in one hand as though getting ready for a swat. We stumbled backwards and fell out into the open area as the door closed on us.

[Addendum: We later learned that Nurse Drett was a fair, but strict nurse on the first ward of the asylum. She ran a tight ship but was very good to her patients for her entire career at the hospital. I think she was just trying to shoo us out of the room because her charges were sleeping…]

The dragging sounds from the room ended as soon as the door closed.

We checked on the intern and the pair we left behind had revived her with some smelling salts so they could check reactions and vitals. Once we felt she was stable enough we traveled back to the basement and outside so we could get her checked out at the ER.

Seems we’re going to keep the local healthcare system busy during this visit… Tomorrow night we’ll probably be a couple of people short, but if she’s feeling well perhaps the intern can do some research if she’s feeling well enough – but she’s attracted the attention of something malevolent in the asylum so it might be best to keep her away for a bit…


Librarian_ScareI only used one table from the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts this time:

  • Ghostly effects/smell/decomposition

But I like the idea of a ghost who’s just… stuck. She’s not harmful, but she’s going to shoo you away like the librarian ghost in Ghostbusters. Not everything is out to kill the party. 🙂

The Crunchy Ghosties crew is really keeping the local ER busy. But I’ll be curious to see what else they find during the 31 Days of Halloween challenge…


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