Day 4, A Silent Scream: 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We stayed in the asylum after that, figuring we still had a few hours left before daylight would invade.

The door next to the entrance to the electric chair room was not nearly as exciting to open. In fact, it was unlocked and opened smoothly as though it had been oiled sometime in the last year. It opened into a hallway leading the length of the building. According to the plans, it dead-ended in the boiler room and had a few points of interest before that.

padded-wallsImmediately around the corner we found what must have been a medicine closet when the hospital was operational. Pill bottles were neatly lined up on some shelves along with some boxes and barrels. A sliding gate with a lock was securely fastened as though it was just waiting for some nurse or doctor to unlock the gate and dispense meds to needy patients.

But though we might have learned some about the history of patients in this hospital from the medications, I was more interested in the door right across from the one we came in. The plans said it leads to a locked area containing a number of padded cells and a guard’s desk. Our friendly lock breaker made quick work of this inner door, but when we opened the door itself I swear we heard a moan from inside.

We cautiously went inside and discovered that all but one of the padded rooms were open. The keys were on the desk, so I fumbled through them until I found the right one for the remaining locked door.

As I slid the key into the lock, I heard a scream echo through my head. The key ring clattered to the floor as I covered my ears with my hands, but the rest of my team seemed unaffected. Inside the closed room, we saw rotten canvas and fiberglass pads along the floor and walls, even on the back of the door.

But it was what we found in the corner of the room that gave us pause. A body, barely held together by a straight jacket, sat propped up like it was waiting for its next round of meds from an orderly. The floor was dry in here, but quickly a puddle began to form beneath the corpse, running to the center of the room where we were standing. It appeared dark, but the copper taste of the air in the room told us what it was right away… blood.

We watched the door, the floor, the walls – and the corpse as matter slowly attached to the corpse until it resembled something more human. When the skin covered the muscles, bone, and sinew, we could see that everything looked normal except for the hole in her throat. Someone had ripped out her throat.

Eventually even that “grew back” and she opened her eyes with an inhuman scream that drove us all out, protecting our ears to no avail. This scream echoed inside our minds more than in our ears and as we ran back to the entryway, we heard the doors slam behind us…

What the hell happened here? It was time to call it a night…


This room required very little coaxing of my imagination for some reason, though the corpse regenerating and pushing the invaders out again was interesting… I love exploring the dark corners of my mind during the 31 Days of Halloween challenge…

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