Day 31, Final Notes – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

With the final spirits cleared of the house, our job in the old hospital was done. We felt satisfied knowing that our friend’s death had been avenged and no further deaths would happen on those cursed grounds. We could only hope that the demolition of the place would begin the healing in the town. So much terror had happened there, it would be good to put it behind them.

doneAs for ourselves, we cut together a final edit of our footage over the weeks after our experiences there and released the show on our partner’s YouTube channel after the building had been demolished and building had begun. Our work to document what had happened there would hopefully put a capstone on that awful chapter of the town’s life.

The video series got tons of hits and we have been contacted to go to other strange places across the country. We’ve also been contacted by a book publisher to potentially go that route. Until some of us have had a chance to fully process what we saw, I think we’re all taking it easy for now.

So for the Crunchy Ghosties crew, this is your fearless leader signing off.


Check out the rest of the 31 Days of Halloween challenge for more!

This has been a fun month of writing! Hope everybody has a happy Halloween!!!

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