Day 30, The Spirit Massacre – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

When we saw the ghost of the doctor fade into view in a corner of the room, we weren’t surprised. Though the laughter had died, we knew he still had to be here. But when the ghosts appeared in the doorway behind us, we were as surprised to see them as he was.

ghost_man_screamingDozens of ghosts crowded the hallway beyond the door. Apparently the runes on the door were enough to keep them at bay all this time, but now that the door was open and the runes had been destroyed, that barrier was no more.

We watched in horror as the ghosts of victim after victim screamed through the door. They headed straight for the doctor, who cringed as they appeared. His laughter turned to screams as each spirit assaulted him, tearing a piece away. In a matter of moments the screaming stopped and nothing was left of the doctor’s ghost. Unshackled from the bonds of their own deaths, the spirits began to fade away one by one until none remained.

Somehow by unlocking the final door, we allowed the patients of the asylum to get their own revenge.

Even now, we’re all shocked and amazed by what happened.


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