Day 3, The Electric Chair: 31 Days of Halloween 2015

Our man was singed and confused, but sent home from the local ER within a few hours. We quickly decided we would leave him in the van with the tech guy the following night just to give him a bit more time to recover. He grumbled but eventually admitted it was the smart thing to do.

That next night the rest of us headed right back into the damp depths, wondering what else we might run into…

Rusty metal High Valtage sign located in Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWe arrived back at the door that caused so much excitement the night before, but made sure we brought some voltage monitoring equipment. It was strange that there was any charge at all and everybody had their pet theories about what generated the jolt that sent our teammate across the room. I was personally betting that a ticked off spirit was waiting on the other side of the door. But our equipment would not penetrate the door and we could see nothing through the frosted glass window outside.

Grounded and better armed, our lock-picking friend approached the door while we waited deeper in the main room. It took him a bit to get through the rusty lock, but we were all brought back to the moment when he banged it open. The door screeched and opened… into darkness.

Our flashlights converged on the rotting wooden table at the center of the room. Though the same water covered the floor here, the atmosphere felt even more claustrophobic. I stepped through with our entry specialist and nearly collided with the giant bucket of water not far from the entryway. When I turned the light away from the table, I heard a loud crack and when I swung the beam back to the table I saw a cloud of dust rise in the enclosed space.

We both coughed and lost sight of the table for a moment as we regained our composure and the coughing fit ended. I stepped forward and touched the old, soaked board and felt a palpable shock and could almost smell ozone, like a thunderstorm was gathering. But age got the best of the table and it collapsed in a giant heap of boards, raising an even larger cloud of debris into the air.

I felt something brush past me and out the door just before we bailed backwards into the entryway as a flash of light and clap of thunder shoved the door closed behind us. And I could have sworn I heard the words “At last!” in a gruff voice, but I was worried about making sure my team and our equipment was still recording. We could always check the “tapes” later. `

Stranger still, the door would not budge when we tried to reopen it. Our guys outside reported flashes of light and a spiderweb of cracks forming in the window from outside, but we heard nothing more. So we dusted ourselves off and headed onward. I wanted to check out one of the padded rooms before we headed upstairs…


This was a fun one. I knew something was waiting, but wasn’t sure what… So I pulled out the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts to come up with a bit of inspiration…

  • Ghostly Effects: Touch/Weather/Dust

What brushed past the Ghosties on their way out the door? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out as we continue the 31 Days of Halloween challenge…

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