Day 29, The Doctor’s Office – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We took a breather after our incident with the three missing teenagers and headed around the corner to see what we could find. At the end of the hallway was a beautiful oak door carved in some form of runes. We knew it had to be Dr. Curry’s office, but had no clue what was inside. By the look of it however, it was meant to keep people out.

By this point we were throwing caution to the wind. The pry bars proved ineffective so we went down a floor and grabbed a fire axe from one of the fire hose stations. Our camera man was used to chopping wood at his house, so we let him loose on the door with the axe. After the first three good chops, he had a hole and we heard the doctor’s maniacal cackle. Before long he had the hinges hacked through enough we could use the pry bars to pull it all the way down.

jrl15050034-2As soon as we crossed the threshold, the laughter stopped.

Inside we found what might have been at home in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory… a worktable full of ancient texts and alchemical tools, shelves containing more of the same, and a desk with the doctor’s own journal open to his last entry dated July 13, 1979.

“The fools are shutting us down. They don’t know how close we are to solving the riddle. If we only had a little more time, I could complete my research!

Our patients fall into one of two categories – manageable and broken. Those in the former category can be helped through psychiatric care and proper use of pharmaceuticals. But the latter category is lost. I’ve tried everything in my career to help them, but there didn’t seem to be any hope until I happened upon an ancient necromantic text with the formula for merging two beings into one.

That got me thinking all those years ago that perhaps if we couldn’t save all of the broken people, perhaps we could combine them into a single person and make them whole.

Our work with the dozen patients so far has resulted in the creation of one almost functional being, but like the Frankenstein monster of Shelley’s magnificent work we failed to account for the strange paths life sometimes takes…

If I only had a little more time and a new pool of subjects to attempt this radical healing upon, I am positive we perfect the process…”

Obviously that’s what we ran into with the bodies of the three teenagers in the hallway… they had been taken apart and put back together as part of some insane experiment by Curry.


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