Day 28, The Missing – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

In 1991, a group of teenagers entered the asylum during a period with no security at the hospital. Only one survived out of the six who entered. And though the media did report the incident, they never had the full story.

Of the six kids who entered, three bodies were never recovered. The entire facility was searched by the authorities at the time, but no trace could be found. The survivor was little help in that effort, as she became unresponsive. And once the investigation was completed, nobody wanted to go back in again.

p5ohzjqljoj4cfsrxwoeThe two bodies that were recovered had been so badly disfigured that they were identified by their personal belongings alone. Sections of skin had been peeled away with surgical precision. The coroner did note that any skin with tattoos was left intact.

We knew none of this until after our investigation concluded in the asylum of course. It came out when what was left of the bodies was found during the demolition.

But we had already encountered the other three victims by that point.

Apparently the door across the hall had held the corpses of those children for the last 25 years. What was left of them walked out to meet us with a smile. In a syncrhonized voice coming out of three shambling bodies, Dr. Curry said “I can’t let you leave, you know…”

None of us were fighters. We were all the geeks in school, relying on our brains over our brawns, but damn if we didn’t fight for our lives over the next few minutes.

The corpses moved with purpose, but were awkward. We tried to protect the intern and the rest of us worked to find a way to beat them.

Quickly we found two things… First, it took energy to coordinate three separate bodies against us, so if we focused on a single target we had better luck. Second, they came apart very easily. Nearly three decades of decay left their tissues like cotton candy. The more you pulled, the fewer pieces were left for the doctor to use like puppets.

Within moments, the bodies were in parts, no longer a threat. And the hysterical laughter rose in pitch from the disembodied heads we’d shoved aside…


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