Day 27, The Good Doctor – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We rushed to see what was going on with our intern and she stopped cold and began speaking in an odd tone of voice.

evil-smile-491517“Greetings gentlemen. How kind of you to come.”

Her voice seemed strained, fighting to speak in a deeper octave than she usually does. But she stood up, haltingly, and moved towards the head of the surgical table.

“Somehow you got rid of my right-hand man Mr. Ballard. That was no tiny feat. Even in death he was a force to be reckoned with.”

“Um, thanks,” I said. “Dr. Curry, I presume?”

She smiled in an awkward, toothy grin. “In the flesh!” And a full-bodied laughter filled the room completely out of place from our intern’s tiny body. “But I must ask about your intentions…”

What were our intentions? Good question.

We started our investigation into the asylum to simply see what we could find out about the 1991 incident and the rumored events before the hospital closed. But it became more than that as our teammates were injured and killed.

Was our intention revenge now? Did we want to destroy this monster so no one else would be harmed? I think that was it.

“We want you gone from this world.”

“That’s too bad. I rather like it here. I think you will too…”

And our friend collapsed to the ground once more. The door opened with an audible click and we heard movement across the hall…


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