Day 26, The Hallway – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

It was eerie. All the noise that had accosted us every step up to now just stopped dead. And we were even more on edge, if that was even possible.

The door opened on a long hallway with three doors that took a right turn. We really had no idea what was up here. All the plans we found at the clerk’s office managed to avoid any mention of this floor beyond the stairs from the 3rd level.

KINGSEAT-HOUSE-AND-SPOOKERS-057So we stopped at the first door and slowly went through our SOP. We tested it for sparks with a wire, then our Techie took a crack at the knob. It was locked tight and took him a few minutes to pick with his tools. Lastly, we stood back as a team member opened it carefully.

In the beams of our flashlights we found a bloody surgical suite. The table was stained in dried blood and rust and we saw another electric chair in one corner. Whatever Dr. Curry was up to happened here was horrific…

And when all of our flashlights failed at once, we knew we were in trouble. As soon as the last member crowded into the room, the door closed with a distinct “click” behind us and the lights burned to life above us despite the lack of any electricity running to the building.

We heard thrashing and turned to see a body fade into view on the table, fighting against the restraints along his legs, arms, and head. His body was covered in a surgical gown but we noticed immediately that there were differences in each limb. Stitched together, the skin was pulled taut and appeared to be from multiple donors. And on each piece was tattooed a strange symbol.

Our cameras were constantly taking pictures but we all knew none of this would show up on film or digital…

Around the table, other figures came into view in surgical scrubs. Moving with a purpose they handed tools to the doctor who was poking and prodding into the man’s open cranium with needles attached to the same electrical apparatus used for the electric chair. Even through the mask, you could see the glint in his eyes and the smile plastered across his face as he spoke to the nurses – one of which was taking notes.

What was he doing to this poor patient?

That’s when the lights went out, our flashlights came back on, and our poor intern went into seizures and collapsed on the floor…


Starting the run to the end now… Check out the rest of the 31 Days of Halloween challenge for more!

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