Day 23, A Second Attempt – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

With our new tools in tow, we once again set up to storm the asylum attic. The extra padding we left at the bottom of the stairwell was still there, but soaked through with blood. We had seen the blood dripping through the door at the top of the stairs a couple of days before. And now, the coppery odor nearly overwhelmed us in the confined space.

Creepy_DoorWe quickly pulled the soaked mattresses out of the stairwell and stashed them in one of the rooms at the other end of the 3rd floor. Laughter echoed the entire time from the top of the stairs. He knew we were coming.

The Techie set up the portable generator and the Tinkerer got his noise canceler in working order aimed at the doorway. As yet we hadn’t heard any screaming, but it hadn’t started until we began climbing the stairs two nights before. Testing that theory, we once again set foot on the lowest stair and all hell broke loose.

Screaming began pelting us in waves from above and the slow, wet tracks of blood dripped down the door on to the stairs working their way down towards us a drop at a time.

Reluctantly we took another step and the volume increased.

When we signaled the Tinkerer to turn on his device, it was almost as though we went from a horror movie to a coffee shop. We could still hear the screaming, but it was reduced to a dull roar. And we noticed something else as well… the laughter stopped.

Was the ghost of Dr. Curry worried?

Still careful to keep a firm footing in the blood dripping down the stairs, we got all the way to the top. The door was still cracked where we had popped the frame and lock two nights before, so we easily pushed it open.

Finally, we were on the upper floor of the asylum. And we were terrified of what we might discover…


The final chapter is about to begin. Stay tuned the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out what the evil Dr. Curry had been doing in the asylum attic all those years ago…

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