Day 22, Screaming into the Abyss – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

After the ringing in our ears subsided a bit, we began discussing how to possibly stop the madness caused by the laughter and the screams. Our Techie came up with possibly using noise-canceling headphones to help us on the way up. I was dubious, but our savior Tinkerer agreed it would be good to try. And then he raised another idea… an “anti-noise” system.

images_maninchairWe took a look at the recorded sounds from our time in the stairwell and stripped down the recording to just the Doctor’s laughter and the screams from the attic. The laughter was too varied to process, seeming very random in its use. But the screams happened to be at a particular set of frequencies remaining fairly constant.

With a quick trip to the local electronics store, he came back with a large speaker, a directional microphone, and a lot of wire. He figured out how to connect all three to a spare laptop he seemed to produce out of nowhere, and spent the remainder of the day hacking together a noise cancellation device. The computer would take the sounds coming in through the microphone, figure out an inverted signal, and create a sound to send back to effectively nullify the screams.

The technical wizards took a big speaker out to the parking lot and blasted the screams (drawing more than a little attention) before firing up the jury-rigged device and it was almost as though they’d turned the volume down. Immediately the resulting noise was more like crowd noise than the screams that knocked us off our feet… This might just work!

Once we got back to the staircase, it would act as to help bounce the canceled screams back up towards the attic and we could charge in to see what the next horrific experience happened to be…


Again, players confronted by challenging situations can sometimes think of unique responses to get past those obstacles… Will this work for the Crunchy Ghosties? Stay tuned the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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