Day 21, The Initial Assault – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

Even knowing as little as we know about the mysterious top floor of the asylum, we had to get up there tonight… But we weren’t taking any chances.

We encountered nothing on the way up to that attic stairwell, but knew it was a trap. One way in. One way out.

stairs-205718_1280It was time for a little preparation, or at least as much as we could do. We gathered a few of the better mattresses left on the 3rd floor and stacked them at the bottom of the stairs in case any of us was knocked back. It would be disgusting, but they would probably break our fall better than the hardwood landing. And we were heading up with pry bars, intending to rip the door off its hinges if at all possible.

As we stepped on the first stair, the laughter began. It was awful, echoing down the stairwell and amplified like a giant megaphone. We had earplugs among our exploration kits and put them in to little effect. Every step we advanced, the volume increased until it was almost unbearable.

Add to that the fact that the door itself appeared to be bleeding… the blood dripped down the outside of the door and onto the stairs, making our progress even more challenging.

I got to the top stair with our second unit director and we attacked the lock mechanism with aggression. It didn’t take long to pop the lock, but we were greeted by a different noise as we cracked the door open. A cacaphony of screams…

The unexpected auditory assault was too much and we stumbled back, falling into each other and down the stairwell. We collided with our teammates and ultimately hit the pile of mattresses we had set up to catch us. We kicked up a huge cloud of dust and mold that covered us all as the door slammed above us.

We would need to regroup and find some way to counter the noise…


Even the least experienced group of gamers can sometimes pull out a “Hail Mary” and finally decide to use the supplies on hand. How would they survive the noise? And that even begs the question… what are they going to do once they get up there? Stay tuned the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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