Day 20, Send in the Drones – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We ran like scared rabbits the night before, but we’re all still alive to try again tonight. I keep telling myself that it was the plan that made us flee the asylum after catching a glimpse of what may have been Dr. Curry’s ghost, but I know better. We were terrified. And frankly, I think we still are.

None of us have any idea what to expect upstairs, but the Tinkerer has an idea. He brought a few drones with on-board cameras with him and he wants to try and get some footage of what we’re looking at before we get in there. Why we didn’t think of that days ago is beyond me.

drone-with-cameraWe started outside during the daylight. The Tinkerer and the Techie each piloted a separate drone. One inside and one outside.

The one inside, as we suspected, hit the closed door at the top of the attic stairs. But he managed to grab footage from the other floors as well, so I’m sure we can use that when we start cutting all of this together if it ever airs.

The one outside hit two issues immediately. There were only three windows on the top level and all of them seemed to be covered with heavy curtains on the inside. And as soon as he started taking footage, a storm hit the area. No storm was in the forecast, but this one blew in with dark clouds, rain, and gusts of wind. The wind blew the drone into one of the windows with enough force that the window cracked and the drone fell like a stone, crashing to the earth and shattering into a million pieces.

But when we reviewed the footage captured by the van, we noticed something very strange at the center window. We could barely see it in the few frames of usable footage, but a face was there, staring at the camera. She was mouthing something we thought, but we could not understand what she might have said with as badly as the drone was being bounced around by the wind. And she disappeared almost as quickly as she appeared – only visible for a few seconds.

I wish we knew what she was trying to say, but now we know the Doctor is not alone in his ivory tower…


We keep creeping towards that final confrontation with the bad Doctor… Will the Crunchy Ghosties crew survive the encounter? Stay tuned the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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