Day 2, The Entryway: 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We’re back and we have a door to go through, so without waiting longer, we headed insight at nightfall. With our technical advisor in the van, there were five of us heading in. We might divide and conquer after a while, but we want to get the lay of the land first.

demotiv-electric-shock-therapyThe first thing we discover is that the entryway itself is covered in about an inch of water. A thin layer of slime across the surface hints immediately that we will all need new boots at the end of this expedition. Our young intern complains bitterly about the conditions until I remind her that she’s getting paid to be here and can buy new boots just like the rest of us. Whatever the sticky substance is has a sour smell that puts everyone in a foul mood right off the bat. We’re hopeful that we can avoid the fluids on the upper floors.

The entryway itself goes for about 35 feet and includes a stairwell up to the main level above. The five doors lead to various other rooms, including a tub area, a bathroom, a hallway, and what is labeled as the “Electric Chair Room.” At the far end of the hall is another door leading to the kitchen area.

As we approach the door at the end of the hallway, we notice the wide framed photograph above the old radiator. It features a faded image of the entire staff of the facility from 1954, which was the first year it opened. Most of the details are too hard to make out in the light of our flashlights but we take pictures using different filters on the digital cameras to see if our tech guy can find anything when we depart in the morning.

But it was the door for the Electric Chair Room where things started going awry. It was a good thing that all of us wore rubber-soled boots, for when our second unit director reached to touch the doorknob, he was blown all the way across the hall into the bathroom door. We had been assured that the power to the facility had been turned off… where did the electricity come from?

We escorted him outside, out of the water covering the floor, and gave him a quick inspection. His hand was burned. He was a bit out of it and we wasted no time getting him to the local hospital, which ended our night a bit earlier than expected. Once again the guards were left to keep the site intact until we could come back.

Knowing a bit more about what the building has in store for us, we will return again tomorrow night with additional equipment for our safety.


For this exploration, I used the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts to come up with a couple of descriptive elements…

  • Ghostly Effects: Smell/Fluid/Sour
  • Ghostly Effects: Touch/Picture/Wide

Physical damage to the crew member was shocking, to say the least, but I fully expect there to be a few angry spirits throughout the building. It serves as a bit of a reminder that safety comes from preparation…

So far this crew of ghost hunters hasn’t had an easy time exploring this map during the 31 Days of Halloween challenge…

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