Day 16, The Results – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

The team took me to the local ER to get checked out and other than a headache and a lot of bruises, I seemed to be ok. They gave me some asprin and cut me loose. Easiest trip to the ER since we got to the asylum.

outsideMallStairs2And then we started watching video again. Ballard was one thing. The Doctor would be something else. We had to know if it worked with one before we did anything with the other.

I watched as the team, in conjunction with the cord reels, pulled as hard as they could to get that platform out the front door. And it all worked great until they ran out of smooth wooden floor. Nobody wanted to get close. I was already caught in the trap with a killer ghost. So they got as close as they could and pulled the platform up and over.

Dragging it down the stairs was where things got dicey. It started down just fine, but caught an edge and flipped over, with me directly underneath, then flipped again just outside the building at the bottom of the stairs. The power was cut to avoid any additional damage to the equipment and they picked up the pieces, me included.

It was another 15 minutes before I came to.

As we applied filter after filter to the video, we began to notice what we’d seen before in the dust – a void. The EM field froze everything in its sphere of influence (including me) and when the power cut off, there was a flash of light. Whatever that flash was, we hoped it happened to be Ballard leaving this world and going on to the next.

It looked like it worked.

So we decided to test that theory. We went back in that next night. And we waited on the main level…. for hours.

Nothing happened until just before sunrise when we heard laughter. That same laughter on the nurse’s recording.

Apparently the Doctor was waiting for us…


What does the bad Doctor have in store for our brave ghost hunters? Stay tuned to the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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