Day 15, The Tinkerer Arrives – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

Turns out that our Tinkerer has amassed a small fortune with his inventions. And when our Techie ran into issues implementing his designs, he decided he’d rent a helicopter to fly out and help.

Plus, he just happened to bring a trio of top-of-the-line generators with him.

If it worked on Ballard’s ghost, with help we’d be able to reset and try for the Doctor himself. If not, I had a feeling we’d all be dead.

So we set up the next night with four working EM boxes, all generators running, and more cables and ropes running from inside the asylum to out the front door than I’d seen anywhere except for the sound and light board at an arena-sized concert. I hope the rat’s nest holds together.

fall-smallWere we ready to do battle? As ready as we were going to be. At night fall, we started everything up and waited at the bottom of the stairs.

And just like the night we lost our friend, he stomped around right on time.

We thought we had him until he stopped on the landing. Ballard paused. Did he see the trap?

So we waited some more… until I had had enough.

I stomped right up to the middle of the square trap we’d set and yelled at him. “You sorry bastard! You killed my friend… why don’t you come get me?”

He took a step further down the stairs. Slide. Thud.

“You are nothing more than a broken monster anyway… You always were, Ballard.”

And that did it. He was on me in a moment, smack dab in the middle of the trap.

It was all or nothing and the team turned it on just as the ghost grabbed my head with both hands. And then I was flying.

Later, when I watched the tapes, you could see me levitating just a few inches above the platform with a bright light. But I remember none of this.

The next thing I remember, I was lying on my back on a broken platform at the bottom of the stairs outside. And I hurt… all over.

But did it work?


Our ghosties team leader jumped right in the middle of this one and survived… but did it work? Stay tuned to the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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