Day 14, the Box Tests – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

With the front doors out of the way, we had two things to do – wait for the Tinkerer’s box to be built and figure out how to get it arranged in a way that we could pull it from the stairwell through the front door to the outside. Our Techie and the Tinkerer were working out some kinks in the system, so we built some wooden boxes approximately the same size and started looking at logistics.

The boxes are going to be heavy. Each will contain multiple electromagnets along with all the electronic bits necessary to power them. So we loaded each of the four boxes with bricks until we reached an equivalent weight.

Each box would weigh approximately 50 pounds. All together with cables and the rest, we were looking at over 200 pounds to drag, with an angry spirit we hoped, about 30 to 40 feet.

None of us is athletic. We’re all the lanky geeky types except for our techie and the director, who could probably consume our weight in pizza without breaking a sweat. So we had to figure out some way to make it easier.

zz-carpetWe found several large oriental rugs in the day room (which looked totally different in the daytime by the way) and built a wooden platform approximately 5 feet square. We hoped that our beligerent ghostly bully would fit, but we didn’t have a lot of choice. If it was much bigger, it wouldn’t go out the front door. We stapled a rug to the bottom of the platform and attached a rope.

And then we pulled. It took a bit, but we got it moving. We didn’t go as far as pulling it all the way out the door, but we knew we could get it there. The stairs outside were wide enough it would easily slide to the bottom and if we could pull it away from the stairs we’d be golden.

Then we added the weighted boxes. That made it a lot tougher. We tried three times and could only drag it about halfway down the hallway before we were exhausted. This was not going to work.

So a couple of us headed to the local hardware store and bought some powered cord reels. We figured our techie might be able to juice them up enough to give us a bit of a mechanical assist.

Sure enough, once we got the reels involved, we were able to get it to the door every time.

The next problem would be making sure we could power the EM boxes. We only had one big generator we used with the van. We’d need two more based on what the Tinkerer said, and probably three more if we want to power the reels. Being out of funds, I was ready to pull out my already maxed credit cards…

And that was when we heard the helicopter….


A bit of “deus ex machina” at work here, but we’ll see if these geeks can get the box out the door when the stuff hits the fan. Stay tuned to the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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