Day 12, A Little Help – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We needed help. Scientific help. But more than that we needed tools in this battle with evil spirits.

The scientist always spoke of a laboratory and a man with toys. It was where he interned as a young man after college. A genius recluse who shunned humanity for more time to tinker. He was notoriously hard to get in touch with, but with the death of our mutual friend it became simpler when he reached out to us.

magnetic-lines2He designed a box unlike anything I’ve seen. An energy magnet. Possibly enough to knock Ballard on his ass.

We had a theory we discussed when Crunchy Ghosties started: that a haunting is caused by the violent death or spiritual torture of a person in a particular location. Take for example some of the ghostly back roads where people see spirits in the road and that forces a driver off the road. Often those incidents can be traced back to the killing of an individual years before in that same area and in a similar way. It boils down to a connection between the spiritual energy of a deceased individual and the physical location where they were killed. If we could somehow sever the connection between the physical world and the spirit, the haunting would cease.

So with the Tinkerer’s magnetic box, we were going to test that theory in a serious way.

The idea was simple and the technology would be very crude. We would lead the ghost into an area blocked off by four synchronized EM “walls” that would push the spiritual energy into the center of the “box”. We would then pull the “box” out the front door and away from the hospital building and turn off the power, releasing the spiritual energy into the open air. Simple enough, right?

Conservation of energy suggests that no energy in the universe ever goes to waste. Everything has to go somewhere. So… If our theory holds, by removing the spiritual energy from the place and “setting it free,” the spirit would be free to go wherever spirits go. Whatever ties it to the physical world in that particular spot would be severed.

magnet2Our technical guy got started right away on the logistical issues with powering the Tinkerer’s box. The Tinkerer would send the four “walls” our way and keep him in the loop on the specifications (power, cables, size, weight, etc.) and the rest of us began working on what would be the next major problem. We have to figure out how to open the front door and pull this strange contraption through it while the power stays on.

If all goes well, we should be able to “exorcise” at least one ghost from the premises in two days, three tops.

Time to get to work.


This approach is a little “Ghostbusters” for my tastes, but it’s not as cut and dried as Egon’s little ghost traps and the containment facility. Similar, but definitely not the same. How will this play out, I wonder? Guess we’ll have to keep watching the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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