Day 11, A Closer Look – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

It was time to take the fight to the spirits of the old asylum. But first, we needed to figure out some strategies for beating them. Our scientist had a doomsday weapon theory, but we really didn’t want to use it unless we had to.

Instead, we started by going back to the recordings from our explorations so far.

Our hotel suite became ground zero for our new efforts. The tech guy brought the equipment in from the van and I’m sure the hotel wasn’t appreciating the extra energy drain for all the computers and digital video equipment, but they were already being paid too much for these rooms. With a wall of screens, we began looking at every scrap of video and listening to every scrap of audio, scouring them for clues.

void_crystalThe first night was just spent getting situated and into the facility. But video from the next couple of nights bore more fruit.

We came in through the basement door at the back of the building and the entryway led to a few rooms and hallways. That second night was when our second unit director touched the door knob on the electric chair room and was blown clear across the room into the bathroom door. Where had that power come from? We were all grounded with rubber-soled boots, but perhaps the soiled water acted as a battery and held a charge? If so, our poor teammate acted to bridge the circuit when he touched the knob.

Where did that power come from though? No power had been on in the building for decades. Could there have been a charge left in the capacitors for the electric chair after all this time?

What was even stranger was what happened the next night when we finally opened that door. I knew I felt something brush past me on the way out, but what was it?

We applied several different filters to that segment of video, looking at it through infrared and ultraviolet filters, as well as watching for negative space changes – areas where the physical world was affected by something exerting a force we couldn’t see. And that’s when we found it… a void where the particles of dust from the destroyed table were pushed away. We couldn’t see it at the time because we were running from the debris.

And the shape we saw was the same size and configuration as the huge Gary Ballard. The man who killed our friend. Smashed his skull to a pulp.

Ballard was trapped in the electric chair. Or his spirit was. For years. Even if he was once a kind soul, that kind of psychic torture would change him in subtle and horrible ways.

If his spirit could affect the physical world around him, perhaps we could trap him… How?

Our scientist would have an answer.

But he’s not here any longer.

It’s up to us. And we’d need some help.


I’ll be curious to see what this new helper comes up with!  Stay tuned to the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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