Day 10, A Churning Tide – 31 Days of Halloween 2015

We went back the next day to retrieve the body while there was still daylight, gagging and sobbing every step of the way. We never expected to have to bury one of our own until we were old and at the end of our natural lives.

If the most rational of us could break in the face of such enormous… wrongness… how would the rest of us survive?

We reported what happened to the police and they were there in minutes it seemed. Their investigation teams pored over the crime scene looking for the smallest clues. Many of them grew up here and were haunted by stories of the asylum they heard as children. They took the opportunity to excise their own ghosts while looking for ours.

Crime sceneOver the next two days we were in and out of the local police station like it had a revolving door. All of us related what we had discovered so far and the incidents causing the injuries, but we had no expectations that they would believe us. Of course they wouldn’t. Who would? Ghosts? We were already the laughing stock in many scientific communities, so we just wrote the local police off as well.

Their lab confirmed that there was no way any of us had the strength to do what had been done to our friend’s skull. It took an enormous amount of pressure to pulverize a human head. None of us were physically built for that kind of destruction. And we were still in shock.

The police chatted with our production company and the holding company for the asylum to make sure we had permission to be there. And there was a heated conference call as the lawyers got into the mix. Both parties wanted us to go back in. The police said no way.

But eventually we were set loose. Told to stay in our hotel until further notice.

Another 24 hours passed while we waited. But we were eventually told we had the ability to go back in by our producers. We were contracted for another 18 days in the building. I was essentially told over the phone that if we didn’t go back in, we wouldn’t be paid. Our friend would get a pauper’s grave in this godforsaken town. And we would never work in television again.

I wanted to tell them all to go to hell, but there were people counting on their paychecks and we couldn’t let our friend rot in a hole here. Plus, I wanted some revenge.

It was time to take the battle to the ghosts.


I think there’s room for a new CSI series now… CSI: Paranormal. Perhaps the tides will change in our heroes favor?  Stay tuned to the 31 Days of Halloween challenge to find out!

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