Cults and Cultists: The Sisterhood of the Long Summer

Ready for another interesting cult? Using the tables I’ve come up with in Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists, I rolled up the following collection of terms to explore:

  • Size: Marginal (6)
  • Commitment: Passionate
  • Leadership: Small council (3)
  • Teaching: Sales
  • Focus: Supernatural
  • Isolation: Public
  • Dress: Natural
  • Descriptor: Fervent

And I ended up with this fun description that fits right in with the June Blog Carnival over at Tales of a GM:

johnny-automatic-ornate-sunThe Sisterhood of the Long Summer entered through the Dune Gate of the City of Shimmers at the beginning of a heat wave three years ago. Though the inhabitants of this city near the Dune Sea are accustomed to the heat, three years without a break from hot temperatures is a long summer by anyone’s standards.

The trio of gorgeous, tanned females created quite a stir upon their entrance wearing nothing but what the Gods gave them. The people of this land are used to covering skin to avoid burning to a crisp and the hardships accompanying severe burns and heat exhaustion, so they immediately tried to smother the ladies with cloth to protect them from the sun (and too many wandering eyes). But the sisters would have nothing to do with it and were seemingly unaffected by the heat at all. They refused to wear a shred of clothing, which has not enamored them to the more conservative religious leaders of the city even if it has pleased many of its less prudish inhabitants.

Over the next few days, the trio somehow found a place to stay for free courtesy of a a group of philanthropic, wealthy gentlemen. But they did not stay idle. The ladies were not shy and spoke freely with anyone who would listen to their story. “We came from the center of the sandy sea bearing the gifts of Gadar, God of Light and Heat. He wishes to extend his influence to the City of Shimmers and let them bask in the warmth of his love.” They have recruited three new local ladies to their cause who have adopted their ways and also spread the words of Gadar. Their new recruits seem to have the same secret to staying cool in the heat that the original trio had.

The last two years have seen the temperature steadily rise and a few strange things have occurred. Numerous piles of ash have been found around the city and people have started to go missing. Scholars have advised the city leadership to begin evacuating to cooler climates, but they remain stubbornly embedded with the rich resources of spices and precious stones in the region and refuse to leave. And some historians are pointing to ancient scriptures stating that this all happened before…

Through it all the Sisterhood continues their crusade to convert the city to their point of view. Many of its residents are sorely tempted to convert if it means getting some relief…

Perhaps these ladies might show up in your campaign to cause some trouble for a rebellious sun god seeking to roast a few of the unfaithful? Who knows what powers they may have at their disposal? And what are the leaders of the city going to do about them?

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