Cults and Cultists: The Confederacy of Five Points

We have time for one more cult this week, so I was able to roll a few dice on the tables in Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists to come up with these elements to play with:

  • Size: Horde (48)
  • Commitment: Hopeless
  • Leadership: Committee (5)
  • Teaching: Philosophy
  • Focus: Service
  • Isolation: Private
  • Dress: Natural
  • Descriptor: Secret

This seems like a cult in the throes of decay and one that may be on the cusp of a change in leadership…

red-pentagrThe Confederacy of Five Points

Deep in the catacombs of the First City, a haven exists for the once powerful group known as the Confederacy of Five Points. In one cavernous room, they meet in secret to perform the rites of the five points of the star- Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Spirit. Though they once gave grand sacrifices to dark demons in the center of the giant red pentagram on the floor, modern sensibilities have made it harder and harder to risk finding victims on the surface.

Once the membership held strictly to their tenets: ‘No one man above another, we must serve the One as brothers, and if we ask for change in life we must offer up a sacrifice…’ By offering such to their dark lords they would gain powers over the wind and flame to get¬†dexterity and quick thinking, over the earth and water to remain strong and wear down their enemies, and over the spirit to resist the gods of those with weaker minds.

Though the majority of the membership is younger and willing to do almost anything to please their dark masters for a taste of the powers of old, the leaders themselves have begun to doubt their mission. They are a group of old men now, without the stomach for killing innocents they once had. Soon they will pass into the void themselves and they are unhappy to ponder the suffering that they will endure on the other side.

Failure is not an option. And some of the other members are growing restless. The Council has seen the signs. They know rebellion is coming and may not be willing to pay the price to keep their order alive for the next generation…

The power struggle within the group might release whatever dark forces they serve, but it may also create an environment where the members are willing to just grab people off the streets as sacrifices. What powers do they gain? And what happens to the older leadership in the wake of these changes?

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