Cults and Cultists: Teeth of the Dragon

Insta-NPCs-Cults-coverThis weekend I finished up Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists (available tomorrow – June 9!) and came up with a couple more cults to share. I’ll leave one as a surprise for the book, but wanted to talk about the “Teeth of the Dragon” because I think it’s kind of cool!

  • Size: Gang (100 members)
  • Membership State: Slow decline
  • Organization Age: Recent
  • Commitment: Focused
  • Leadership: Committee (8 members)
  • Teaching: Sales
  • Focus: Power/Politics
  • Isolation: Private
  • Dress: Informal
  • Descriptor: Fearful

Here’s what I ended up with and the book includes much more on how I came to some of the decisions I did (plus you might notice there are a couple of new areas – Membership State and Organization Age)…

The Teeth of the Dragon is a group formed by eight powerful mages who brought a dragon under their sway to bleed off its energy and harness it for their own purposes. Unused to physical labor themselves, they had a core group of followers to do the heavy lifting but it wasn’t enough manpower. So they began to recruit…

Members would be given a small portion of diluted dragon blood, which would give them physical strength and courage – but also make them more aggressive as the rush of power wore off.

These “Guardians of the Teeth” harness blood from the sleeping dragon and in return are given a taste of the power the mages wield. A few of them have given in to the urge to use their newfound power. So after their shift ends, small gangs would enter the city and assault people on the street. The city guards would be called in to stop them, only to be harmed or destroyed by the magically enhanced thugs.

If members were caught, they would be “dealt with” by the council of mages prior to their being able to talk about the organization. Though the “Dress” we rolled up earlier was informal, I think we’ll adjust that to give each member a ring with the sketch of a dragon’s tooth. If any member begins to speak about the Teeth of the Dragon without another member in the vicinity, they will be consumed by fire.

The gradual decline of the group has been due to the attrition of some gang members perishing in fights or in custody. But the group’s troubles don’t stop there. Its leaders are struggling to reach consensus these days. A couple of them have noticed that the dragon is starting to fight off the magic keeping it asleep, but the others have ignoring the warnings. And there is a plot afoot to release the dragon from captivity to let it deal with its magical jailers.

It’s been fun putting this one together! Tomorrow I’ll share links to where you can find it at your favorite online RPG stores – DriveThru, RPGNow, Paizo, d20pfsrd, and Selz.

Thanks for reading!

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