Cults and Cultists: Brotherhood of the Spade

As I continue to work on Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists as time allows (with some help from Kenny Norris, the Solo Roleplayer), I want to post some of the fun cults I’ve been coming up with using this new collection of tables…

Anonymous-simple-shovelYesterday I created the “Brotherhood of the Spade” – a group that early on was looked at with admiration but as they’ve grown in size, there’s a bit of fear entering the equation…

The elements used here are- Huge/60, Workman-like, Individual, Physical skills, Destruction, Public, Formal, Drink item- and all of that will make more sense when the product comes out. 🙂

Bertrom Greyne was a humble member of the King’s road crew until the fateful day when fate interceded. The King himself, along with his retinue, was attacked by assassins on a stretch of road Greyne was working on. Unwittingly, the roadwork itself offered an opportunity for attack. The assassins did not count on a lowly laborer getting in the way of their plans. Greyne used his shovel as a weapon and joined the guards protecting the King’s carriage. His courage and selflessness did not go unnoticed and the King himself thanked Greyne for his timely intervention.

That event served as the genesis for the Brotherhood of the Spade. He has worked to develop a martial art involving the basic shovel as a polearm and begun training others in that art. Dedicated brothers now work on road crews across the kingdom, ever vigilant against attack on anyone. As their numbers have grown, so has their reputation as a defender of the weak and the strong – never afraid to step in when most would flee. Each member carries a specially marked spade as part of their gear – both as a tool and as a weapon. So if you ever see a green-handled shovel with a shiny blade, you will know help is near.

After an intervention by the Brotherhood, there is a gathering and the entire organization drinks to honor their celebrated colleague. This shot of grain alcohol is simply known as a Spadeful Shot, made specifically for Greyne by one of the local brewmasters.

Though their help was welcomed at first by the King’s men and other members of the government, as their numbers have increased there has been a growing sense of concern. What happens when the King passes the crown, through his death or retirement? How will these dedicated (some would say fanatical) guardians of the roads react?

Perhaps this order of the shovel might appear in your own world in some form or another… What kind of trouble could they cause if they suddenly were not all that happy with the status quo? With a kind word, the King kickstarted this movement – what happens when he’s gone?

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  1. By the way, if you’re looking for even more cultish goodness, check out this new product from Ennead Games – the Cult Details Generator. Chris Kentlea has a different approach than I do for these generators and I think between the two products you’d have nearly infinite possibilities!

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