Creatures of Cold

In the northern reaches of the world of the Lost Age, there are mountain peaks. There may be more lands beyond them, but the creatures that haunt those regions have prevented most from going further and returning to tell their tales. Some may be mere myths and legends, but others are seen frequently and terrify even the most stalwart of adventurers.

These creatures first appeared in The Purple Lotus and will soon feature in a Christmas-themed adventure I’m working on for Mazes & Perils Deluxe

Ice Elementals

alpine-landscape-icicle-1b-al1Some have discovered that the very forces of nature can sometimes come alive to strike back at invaders. One type of these so called “spirits of nature” are known as the ice elementals.

Ice Elementals live in snowy, frozen areas, mostly in the mountains. They enjoy their advantage of being able to maneuver on ice and snow as if on flat, dry ground, and climb at their movement speed with no penalty. They always try to attack their foes while they are at a disadvantage, such as while climbing a mountainside.

Special: Burst of Ice/Snow Ball (2d6). Burst can hit up to 3 targets at once at -3 to hit. Can only use burst 1x every three rounds.

Important stats:

  • AC 2
  • HD 6
  • Move 120″
  • No./Attacks 1
  • Damage/attack 2d6 (single ice/snowball)
  • Special: Burst attack (see description)

Snow Nymphs

Much like their other elemental cousins, Snow Nymphs appear as attractive humanoids. Snow nymphs have long, flowing, platinum-colored hair, skin with a light blue hue, and deep red eyes. Up close, they give off the scent of lavender, offering a comforting and calming affect on their foes. They prefer to blend in with their surroundings, wearing warm white robes cut strategically to enhance their figures.

Snow Nymphs aren’t as powerful as their cousins and can only cast spells involving cold/frost or snow as 6th level spell casters. When touching the body of the nymph, it feels cold to the touch
and causes 1d4 points of damage. Any metal weapon used by the nymph also gives off the cold effect, granting an extra d4 damage.

Special: Ice/Snow Ball (2d6) – Single shot or Burst. Burst can hit up to 3 targets at once at -3 to hit and can only reuse burst once every three rounds. Cold, spells, immunity to cold, magic resistance (5%), double damage from Heat.

  • AC 4
  • HD 2
  • Move 120″
  • No./Attacks 1
  • Damage/attack Dagger 1d4 + 1d4 cold
  • Special: See description


yetiYeti are strange snowy ape-like creatures who live in cold, high-altitude climates alone or in pairs. They are well suited to a solitary life and prefer their isolation.

  • AC 6
  • HD 5
  • Move 140″
  • No./Attacks 2
  • Damage/attack Fists (1d6)
  • Special: Immune to cold, grapple, and fear

More to come

These three were inspired by some Alaskan folklore I stumbled upon on the Internet…

  • The Tornit Tribe – a group of cold climate barbaric people accustomed to eating whatever they can find…
  • The Adlet – savage half man/half dog creatures who prowl the night
  • Keelut – black, hairless dogs with hair only on their feet that stalk travelers at night

All three would feel right at home in a cold-weather horror film, don’t you think? Perfect for Christmas! HA!

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