Choosing a Favored Enemy

When you create your Holy Knight, you get to choose a favored enemy at certain levels. At first, this seems like a bit of a strange decision to make. I mean – “favored” enemy? Isn’t that a bit like choosing whether you’d prefer to be killed with a baseball bat or going in front of a firing squad? Well, yes… Sort of.

But there’s another way to look at it.

(If you haven’t heard, the Holy Knight is a new class coming soon to Mazes & Perils that combines the ferocity of a Fighting Man with the faith of a Cleric. And woe be to their enemies on the battlefield, for they have the power of the gods behind them.)

Each Holy Knight must choose a deity or religion to serve. Some may choose actual gods, some may choose philosophies, and still others may choose categories of spirits. There really isn’t a right or a wrong way to pick your chosen patron. So long as you are of a good alignment and fighting the good fight, that’s all that really matters.

At first, fourth, and sixth level, the Holy Knight gets to choose various enemies to favor in battle. And with an idea of your spiritual patron and background, you can use that to inform your decision.

Lawful or Chaotic Evil?

mummy1First you must choose a particular alignment of evil, picking either Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil. This grants your knight a better understanding of a broad swath of evil beings. Lawful Evil behave with a certain amount of order, while Chaotic Evil does things for what sometimes seem like random or selfish reasons.

Here are a few ideas to ponder.

  • If your deity or philosophy represents the forces of Good, you might take the approach that you are simply fighting those forces in diametric opposition to you. (Good vs. Evil)
  • You might also use your position fighting for Law to strike a battle against Chaos. (Law vs. Chaos)

Or you might also choose to fight against particular enemies that your patron despises. A Dwarven god of Justice and Light may automatically fly into a rage any time they see a Goblin. Goblins are humanoid creatures of the night representing the forces of Lawful Evil, so to gain a leg up on your enemies you might take Lawful Evil as your favored enemy.

But possibly it’s just more personal. Perhaps your character’s village was beset by a group of Ogres. Selfish, greedy, and brutish, they represent the forces of Chaotic Evil. And to do battle with them, you could choose that particular swath of evil as your favored enemy.

Flavor of Undead

skeletonmanYou could use a similar approach to handle your choice at 4th and 6th levels when you can select types of undead to rally against…

  • Sticking with battling the forces of Chaos, perhaps you take a particular interest in the Ghouls plaguing your lands. Creatures of selfish need and hunger who feed on the dead, ghouls are creatures of Chaotic Evil.
  • Or perhaps you stick with the truly Lawful Evil creatures of the night such as Mummies, Spectres, or Vampires. These creatures truly wish to do harm against the living but usually obey some sort of code of conduct.
  • Or maybe your chosen deity has a hatred of a particular category of undead… such as a crusade vs. all Zombies or Skeletons as mindless creatures who disobey the rules of death.
  • But sometimes it’s personal. Perhaps your character became a Holy Knight of all things Good because their family was murdered by a group of vampires or ghouls.

So when you’re making your Holy Knight, give some thought to who they might choose as favored enemies later on. Your choice may change by the time you get the experience to actually gain those abilities – but at least you have a bit of a plan to follow if nothing particularly juicy comes up during your campaign!

Stay tuned for more about the Holy Knight as we prepare to release him into battle with the forces of evil!

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