Checking in halfway through the carnival in the dark

On March 1st we kicked off the March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival with the topic “Things in the Dark” and have had a few cool submissions so far!

  • Codex Anathema offered some fantastic suggestions on how to ramp up fear at the game table with “The Art of Fear.” Gonzalo offers all sorts of fantastic examples from horror and suspense movies and television that you can easily roll right into your technique toolbox!
  • Over at Leicester’s Ramble, V.A. has taken some real-world lighting options and created some awesome magical (and non-magical) items to aid those explorations in the dark. Some very cool lanterns that every PC should be clamoring for very soon!
  • Clark Timmins took the fantasy rules for light and brought them to a more realistic conclusion in “Seeing in the Dark” over at RPGGeek. He provides some comparison between light rules for a variety of systems from 1e to 5e and beyond!
  • And not to be outdone, the guys at RPG Circus covered a bit of what lies in the darkness in their podcast episode for Season 9, Episode 5. Always fun to hear them ramble on like every game table I’ve ever been around (they have a great chat about cartoons of all things!). They actually get to the blog carnival topic about minute 56 or so. 🙂

Of course, here at Moebius Adventures I couldn’t resist contributing to our own carnival. 🙂

Thanks for all the contributions, folks! Let’s keep things going in the next couple of weeks!

And don’t forget to put a comment on the kickoff post so I can gather everything at the end!

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