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Hi all…

Thought I’d toss this out there… Recently it has come up that the character generation method we employ may be a bit odd. Specifically it was a question about why the process starts by determining the Family for the character…

This was my reply…

“Family is first, as we all start with family… It defines us in some ways, as we are not given the choice of the family we are born into. Your family, depending on the setting, defines how you are viewed by social class, what benefits you have (as far as are you a peasant or noble or something in-between and would your parents teach you mundane skills to survive and get by or would they send you to a school?). As such, the Family score (IMHO) helps you decide down the line how to set the rest of your characteristic scores as well as your skills and backgrounds, items, etc.”

But it got me thinking that this organic approach that we use with the Moebius Adventures system may not serve everyone equally.

The organic character generation idea is that you grow a character from roots to branches – i.e. you take a character from where they are born (Family), determine their characteristic makeup, and go from there… Determine derived stats (like HP, reality check, feet per segment, etc.)… And then choose skills in two phases — those learned during childhood (up to age 14) and those learned after childhood (in professions/backgrounds)…

However, we might be able to take a more player-directed approach that’s point-based with advantages and disadvantages. I would rather not include such a process in the base game, but could be convinced to create a separate PDF available on the website or even another book down the line that details this method of character generation…

How does the studio audience feel about this? I’m curious because it is a huge departure from where the game has traditionally been since its inception. But if players and GMs think this is a good idea, it’s something that we could explore. It would be an interesting open topic for the blog how folks think it might work best.

Anyway… I’m interested in feedback here… What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!

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