Pardon Our Dust…

As you may have noticed, we underwent a bit of an overhaul here at Moebius Adventures central. 🙂 Pardon our mess as we get the dust settled. We have a new coat of paint and… Read More »Pardon Our Dust…

Book Review: Filling the empty chair by Johnn Four (

When you’re in school, it’s easy to find gamers. I remember playing with people in junior high and high school, in college and even immediately after college. But at some point it starts to get difficult. People have jobs and families and other commitments that don’t let them game as often as they’d like. Or maybe . . . → Read More: Book Review: Filling the empty chair by Johnn Four (

What do you think?

Hi there! New format, new look for the blog. What do you think? –Fitz

RSS Feeds fixed

Hi all… Just wanted you to know that 1&1 got the blog’s RSS feeds working again today, so hopefully we’ll have uninterrupted RSS news for a while. Keep track of the playtesting discussion over at… Read More »RSS Feeds fixed

Website is live!

Hi all! Thought I’d share that at least the rough bits of the Moebius Adventures website are now live! Check it out at: There’s not much there yet and I’m obviously not much of… Read More »Website is live!