Tattered Magicks

The Loop Podcast

Crazy news! We finally started a Moebius Adventures podcast! And for the time being we will be using it to share the madcap antics of our Tattered Magicks playtest group! You can find it here… Read More »The Loop Podcast

Tattered Vampires

In honor of Halloween, I thought it was time to reveal a bit about vampires in the Tattered Magicks world. Though my playtesters haven’t encountered any yet, they are definitely out and about causing trouble… Read More »Tattered Vampires

Tangled in the Dark

As we quickly approach Old Hallow’s Eve, I’m left pondering some of the horrors in the dark corners of Tattered Magicks. We’ve already talked about ghosts and I brought up werewolves about a year ago… Read More »Tangled in the Dark