Campaign Spark: The Penned Forest

At the heart of the Kingdom in the capital lies a forest walled off from the rest of the city. The forest has always been off limits, as long as anyone can remember. Penned away inside a short wall, the trees grow tall, but not overly so. They receive plenty of sunshine and rain in the kingdom’s fair climate. And they are well tended by the royal forester.

johnny_automatic_woodsmanHowever, except for those select few, it can only be seen from a distance. Get too close and the King’s guards escort you off the grounds and fine you for your indiscretion.

Actually enter the forest and… well. Nobody knows. There are stories of foolish children hopping the wall, never to return. Whether something within the forest disposed of them or it was the King’s men who removed them from play is all conjecture.

Nobody crosses the wall. Nobody enters the forest. Nobody knows why.

But recently some brave soul has begun a new attempt to see what is inside the wall. Stones have gone missing. Grout and mortar has been ground away. And slowly, the wall has been weakened.

When a hole finally forms, the forest itself will begin to unravel and unfold to its full size. The kingdom will be overrun by the madness that dwells within. Homes will be destroyed. And the Old Ways will once again be free.

Long ago, a deal was struck with a powerful being of the fae. For 1,000 years, the kingdom of men would hold sway over the land. It was a blink of an eye to the fae, you see. A thousand years. Ten thousand years. A hundred thousand. Time travels differently in the magical ways between the world of men and the realm of fae magic.

Men would retain their ability to tame the ordered, natural world as they knew it. And at the end of the contracted time, wild magic would flood the world once again introducing the chaos the fae thrive upon.

Then the gloves would come off and the Wild Hunt would ride again.

The world has forgotten. It will remember and fear that which has been missing for so long.


Could be an interesting campaign start. Begin as a group investigating the wall. When the wall falls, become a group investigating the change. When the hunt comes, become a group simply trying to survive.

Would you like to know more?


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