Book Review: Filling the empty chair by Johnn Four (

When you’re in school, it’s easy to find gamers. I remember playing with people in junior high and high school, in college and even immediately after college. But at some point it starts to get difficult. People have jobs and families and other commitments that don’t let them game as often as they’d like. Or maybe they’ve had to move for some reason (work, family, or school being the big three reasons)… Or perhaps a game has just drifted apart over time as they sometimes do.

How do you find other gamers in your area? Well, Filling the empty chair from Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips fame ( aims to help you find other like-minded individuals near you to keep your gaming habit alive. Finding a good gaming group is sort of like finding a good pair of sneakers. You may have to try a few out before you find a good fit, and even then they may wear out over time. But don’t be discouraged… As Four says in his Introduction, “Gaming is too important as part of living a balanced, healthy and enjoyable life. Do not let it go by the wayside.”

The book starts by providing a list of eight pages of some of the best websites for finding gamers online. Sites include everything from some of the RPG-related sites and to and I’d never heard of many of the sites listed, but hope to take advantage of some of them to put a new group together myself.

The bulk of the book however is dedicated to tips on finding a group or recruiting players. The 28 tips included cover everything from having business cards you can pass out if you find someone who’s interested to hanging out in game or bookstores to inviting your family and non-gaming friends to join you. It’s never too late (or too early) to bring new people to the hobby.

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