For those of you looking for a good deal, how’s this?

red_sale_stamp_image_500_clrWe have sales running at the Open Gaming Store and DriveThruRPG/RPGNow on everything in the Moebius Adventures catalog. 40% off everything through the end of Cyber Monday.

And not to be outdone, we also have a coupon for 50% off if you buy through the Moebius Adventures store… Use coupon code “cybermonday2016” for 50% off your cart. But it expires soon, so get in while the getting is good! We know that the Moebius store is still a bit rough, but we’re working on making it better!

So whichever store you prefer, you have deals my friends!

Best wishes to all for a great weekend of gaming and thanks for being fans of Moebius Adventures!!

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