Beware the Risen and the Fallen

Welcome to the world, sons and daughters. You have learned much but now it is time for the truth.

We exist in this world of ours at the whims of the Gods, but not the Gods you think. In reality there are only two forces: The Light and the Dark. The Celestial Well and the Well of Void. The battle between them has raged since the beginning of time. One hides the truth while the other reveals it in all its gory detail. Each demands absolute obedience and sacrifice in the end. And they both want your soul.

Brass-Scales-Of-Justice-SilhouetteIf you are careful, you can walk the line and visit the Hall of Truth upon your passing. There, theĀ Judge will weigh your soul and seek the truth of your life. If you have done well, you will pass into the Light. If not, you will be thrown to the Void.

While many are pulled into the Divine War against their will through the affairs of the living, there are also those who have sought larger roles on the battlefield. You will know if you should cross paths with one of these icons in the field. Their impact is impossible to deny. We call them the Risen and the Fallen. Be wary of them and avoid them if you can. They are extremists, deliberately seeking the absolutes of darkness and light for their own gain.

It is said that there are two monasteries, one on the border of the Northern Waste and one on the border of the Southern Waste. These are spaces as near as mortal men can go and still survive near the edges of the divine at the top and bottom of the world. Some are content to bask in the knowledge of their chosen patrons at those points, but there are those who seek more – the ones who go beyond that edge to touch the divine. Some will not survive the journey. If they do survive and return to the world of Men, that world trembles. They are changed and each step they take changes the nature of the world around them as a result, bringing the realms of their masters even closer to the living.

There is no rational discourse with these beings. There is only absolute submission or destruction. And the power they wield is terrifying.

It is said that there is a balance between the darkness and the light – a perilous equation placing mortal man in the middle of the ultimate battle. And there are some who say the battle already rages and we are lost.

Time to choose. Time to choose.

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